About Feis Tweets:  

Communications Coordinator for Major Dance Competitions


Our goal is to keep everyone informed, happy, and prevent gossip & negative comments from being posted

on the message boards. We can address any matter in seconds such as.....


· When each stage is starting

· Who is judging on each stage or competition

· Which rotation number is dancing in each ballroom (saves teachers from running back & forth)

· What time recalls will be announced

· List of recalls after they are announced

· Basic reminders, such as, quiet in the hall and front row of chairs is for teachers, etc.

· Updates on stage schedules (if the event is running on time or delayed)

· When results will be announced

· List of results after they are announced

· A list of the qualifiers

· Promoting sponsors, vendors & other events such as raffles & lobby parties

· Giving good, basic, Irish dance advice including proper etiquette, inspirational quotes, and answering questions.

· There is so much more, but these are just a few examples

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Feis Tweets provides full coverage of your major dance event via social media channels. A Twitter account, Facebook Page & Instagram will be set up with your event name & logo, and connected to both your event website and our Feis Tweets webpage. We know that every dancer has a phone with either Twitter or Facebook, which they use to stay updated on current events. Parents also use social media because they have to monitor their children. So in this age of technology, the logical answer is to keep dancers and parents informed via social media. This way, no matter where you are in the hotel, or the world for that matter, you know who got the recall or if Ballroom B is running on time.


Social media can be a slippery slope, but we follow government issued protocols to protect all information and parties involved. This is not a forum for politics or promotion of dance schools. It is for pure information about the event. As you know, social media works best when more people participate! Everyone attending the major competition can share their updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the proper hashtag. This way the attendees feel they are contributing to the event by opening the lines of communication.


Feis Tweets takes full responsibility of monitoring the account before, after & during the event by working with you to get the correct info out there. In any controversial situations or emergencies [See 1 below], the event chairperson(s) will be informed first and have the final word about what is posted. Only TCRGs or ADCRGs that work on the committee will have access to the account so we can keep a tight view on what is being posted.


[1] At the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas, an adjudicator took ill and the competition was delayed for 2 hours, causing other scheduling conflicts throughout the day. Discretely, we were able to keep dancers and parents calm by informing them of the situation and maintaining the privacy of the adjudicator. Updates were posted about competitions being moved to other stages and everyone was informed when the Ballroom was ready to resume the competition.

Don't Use Social Media?

What if you don't have a Twitter or Facebook account? No worries...

Our Feis Tweets website will keep track of what's going on via the embedded Twitter/Facebook feeds on the webpage.

Each night, at the end of the awards ceremony, we can post the full results on our website [See 2 below] so you won’t need to hand out paper marks unless you want to.


[2] Results can either be posted to the Feis Tweets website of the host event website,

or a link can be provided to view results.




Our committee consists of certified CLRG adjudicators & teachers who have experience in chairing multiple Irish dance events from annual feisanna to the N.A.I.D.C., and specialize as Social Media Crisis Management Consultants.


The idea was first implemented at Feis Na Blian Nua in January 2013 and was such a huge success that founder, Karyn Oster ADCRG, proposed to use social media at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas. This was the first major competition Feis Tweets organized and posted on Twitter as @MAROireachtas and Facebook Page Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas. There was not one negative post on the VOY message board the entire weekend. We obtained over 5,000 followers and were able to keep them updated on schedule delays, exact time of recalls & results, and offer guidance to first time participants.

Since then, we have managed the social media accounts for;

  • The Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas 2013 - Present

  • The New England Oireachtas 2015 - Present

  • The North American Irish Dance Championships

    • 2014 Montreal, Canada  (Hosted bythe  Eastern Canadian Region)

    • 2015 Providence, RI  (Hosted by the New England Region)

    • 2016 Day 1 Orlando, FL  (Hosted by the Southern Region)

    • 2017 New Orleans, LA  (Hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Region)

    • 2018 Orland, FL (Hosted by the IDTANA Board)

Services Offered

Before The Event

  • Set up a unique Twitter address, Facebook page & Instagram account for the event

    • or connect to your accounts already in use

  • Promote the event with reminders of basic information in order to gain followers

  • Creating a welcoming and positive atmosphere to engage followers and encourage participation

  • Keeping followers aware of any updates to the hosting event’s website

  • Posting important information that competitors will need to know

  • Updates on venue, hotel & local area information

  • Count down to the event & more


During The Event

  • 24 hour coverage of all activity

  • Working with stage hands so we can be notified of any emergencies or information that needs to be relayed to our followers. Hopefully the person running the stage uses social media and will be able to make announcements in the Ballroom if anything important is posted.

  • We work alongside the tabulation committee to help expedite the process of judges signing off on sheets for recalls & results. This way we can give 15 minute warnings as to when recalls & results will be announced & post the information minutes after it is announced in the Ballrooms.

  • Monitoring the message boards and addressing any topics of concern.

  • Pictures will be taken & posted throughout the day and especially at the awards ceremony.

  • Posting results information to our website after the awards ceremony. We can also post this information to your website, or provide a link for you to post on your website.

  • Supplying posters that can be posted in the lobby, outside the vendor room and outside the ballrooms with the address and hash-tag info (at an additional cost).

  • Not everyone has twitter or facebook, so information will still need to be announced at the podium until this becomes the regular way for participants to get the latest info.


After The Event

  • Damage Control: monitoring & replying to pros & cons posted about the overall event.

  • Continuing to inform dancers & parents on hotel check out, competition results, and pictures from the event.

  • Answering any questions or inquiries about the event.

  • Connecting participants with lost & found items.

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